The debate with theme, Social Media and Extremism had four debaters, Ulan Garba (film maker), Janet Faden (social media trainer), David Daser (founder nHub), Charlse dickson (Frelance Journalist) and a moderator, Ponsah Fanap (Broadcast Jounalist)

Ulan Garba and David Daser supported the motion while Janet Faden and Charlse Dickson where against the motion.

According to Ulan Garba, social media has made us social addict and has taken away time for ourselves and for others. she believes that we all have the right to post whatever we wish to on social media, but before we do so, we should give room for critical thinking about the content of whatever we are about to post, how it affects the other person and how it has changed you as an individual and the impact the post will make to the the public.

On his part, David Daser argued that, terrorist have adopted the the use of various Social Media platforms to recruit more members to their team. the use of Social Media has become so extreme and has made the spread of nonfactual news uncontrollable. He says that social media has improved the way we interact with people giving example between people who are just meeting for the first time at the airport and those who have met themselves earlier via social media platforms

Janet Faden believes that, social media is just a tool and just like any other communication tool, it has its advantages and disadvantages. It is a medium of communication with two types of people that uses it, those who think before the act and those who act before the think. literary what this means is that social media is defined by who uses it and how the person uses it.

Charles Dickson believes that social media is a tool and the way we use this tool say so much of who we are and our mental state at the moment. He says that social media has exposed us to a so much contents and events in life and its up to us to choose our reactions towards these events. our aim therefore should be focused more on how we can use social media to transform in a positive way not just your life but the lives of others to make the world a better place for everyone.

The moderator of the debate, Ponsah Fanap did a great job in moderating the debate. He gave room to the audience to ask questions and make their contributions.

We applaud the efforts of the chief organisers, Pax-Amor Initiative, collaborating organisation, Tomruk Innovations, Sponsors, Winbeck’s Limited, Official G&T Brand and Budrani and all for a successful event.

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