Global Day of Action.- #Act4SDGs

Every day we wake up, and consciously take decisions and act on our decisions. One out of many days, today is celebrated globally as the day we take action to achieve, sustain and develop our world.

The Social Media for Social Good  (SMSG) Club of Tomruk iHub Multiverse acted today in bringing young practitioners involved in spear heading the 17 Sustainable Goals in their own ways.

A lot of people in Plateau State are not aware of the international happenings around us, and the idea of this Fireside chat was to network, discuss, and proffer solutions in our community to how the SDG’s can be fully achieved in Plateau State before 2030.

Mr. Ayuba Job David Founder of Tomruk iHub Multiverse welcomed everyone and thanked all present for availing themselves, encouraging as well that we can do more if we partner together in line with goal 17 of the SDG’s.

Mr Amama Benedict President of SMSG club thanked all those present, and gave a brief run-down of the SDG’s and stressed the importance that we sustain our community, he laid strong emphasis on the dangerous dumping of plastics into the earth, and its effect on the land and the sea. He further stressed the need to maintain Goal 14 (Life below water) and Goal 15 (Life on Land). He thanked those who took the time to come and share with.

Miss Ujin Jossy-Bliss Malai founder of Save the Child Initiative deeply spoke about Goal 5 (Gender Equality) and Goal the 10 (Reduced Inequalities). She expressed the need for us to act fast and quickly about the well being of Children in General, noting also the low participation of women and girls in the SDG plans.

Mr Odinaka Kingsley Oberta a Yali member actively involved in fighting the scourge of Malaria parasite in Nigeria spoke passionately on Goals 3 (Good health and well being) Goal 4 (Quality Education ) and Goal 6  (Clean water and sanitation). He emphasized the interconnection of these goals in the battle against malaria, and how we can all contribute in our own ways.

Mr. Ponfa Miri The Global Ambassador for the World at School (United Nations Initiative) and also the Plateau State coordinator MUNDO stressed the need for the rapid action on Goal 4 (Quality Education), and how we’ve been left behind as a state, he called for more action in order to see geometric growth.

Mr. Ndam Ponzing a Legal Practitioner, digital rights activist and volunteer with the Plateau Peace Building Agency spoke passionately about the encompassing nature of Goal 16 (Peace, Justice and Strong Institutions) on the backdrop of the security challenges. He argued that all the other SDG’s can be achieved if Goal 16 was implemented in unity and partnership with all actors. He noted that there was no end to peace-building, and it was the fastest way of achieving the SDGS before 2030.

A lot of contributors noted the need for more action to be taken by the community, while stating what they were doing. The group recommended persons who were already involved in the field to partner and collaborate to build a stronger community, and to further take action on the SDGS to ensure its achievements before 2030.

It was all agreed that the goals are realisable if we all come together, knowing that the government alone cannot do it, we as a community must put an effort in our own little ways.

In the closing remark, Mr Job David Ayuba charged all present to act for the SDGS, as it is the only way to sustain the earth which sustains us.

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